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There are many different virtual girl games available on the internet today. It has been estimated that there are well over two hundred million online gamers in the world. Out of those, at least half of the gamers are females. There are females of all ages that enjoy playing internet games. Video game developers know and understand that the female population has a lot to do with their overall success. For this reason, many virtual girl games have been produced. You may play free virtual girl games and there are games designed for girls that may be played for free.

Dress Up Games
One of the most common types of virtual girl games available on the internet today are dress up games. These types of games allow a player to experiment with different types of clothing and different types of accessories in order to create many different types of looks. Players may dress up characters such as Barbie and the Bratz characters. There are many games that offer basic characters that a player may work with. Then, there are dress up games that allow a player to dress up their favorite actresses, actors, and singers.

Makeover Games
When you research virtual girl games, you will find that there are many different types of makeover games available. These games may allow a player to alter the clothing and clothing accessories of a character, but mostly focus on allowing a player to fix up the makeup and hair of the game character. If you have a young daughter or even a teenage daughter, you may find that she enjoys playing this type of game. The following details some of the makeup virtual girl games that are available on the internet today:
    * Fantasy Pony
    * The Mad Hatter Extreme Makeover
    * Naughty Nails

Cooking Games
If you are interested in playing free virtual girl games on the internet and enjoy cooking or have a daughter that enjoys pretend cooking, you are likely to enjoy the variety of cooking games that are available on the internet today. These games allow players to create a multitude of foods. Players may enjoy creating beautiful cakes, they may make hamburgers, they may create pizzas, and many more food items. Cooking games are effective in teaching time management skills, various cooking strategies, and even basic cooking skills.

Celebrity Games
There are many free virtual girl games that focus on celebrities. You may find makeover games, dress up games, strategy games, and other types of virtual girl games that has one of your favorite celebrities as the main character of the game. Many individuals enjoy dressing up their favorite actresses and singers, while others enjoy gearing up their favorite performer for their next big gig. Examples of popular celebrity games that millions are enjoying on the internet today include the following:
    * Jessica Simpson
    * Miley Cyrus
    * Selena Gomez at Disneyland
    * Lady GaGa
    * Edward and Bella Makeover

As you can see, there are many virtual girl games available on the internet. It is easy to play free virtual girl games as well as paid versions. Selection is optimal when it comes to all virtual games. The possibilities are virtually endless!

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