Makeup Your Makeover

Here is today’s review of a Makeover Game. The name of the game is Makeup and Makeover, and I have to say wow.. The model in this game is absolutely stunning and the changeable items are perfectly drawn in this game. To understand why I’m saying this you really do need to play the game to find out!


Ok now for the info on the changeable items in the game, these consist of Background, Bling, Full Body Dresses, Sexy and Cute Tops, Shades Of Blush, Lipstick Colors, Eye Shadow, Nails, Beautiful Hair Styles, Radiant Eye Colors and Skin Tone. There is quite a lot you can do with these items, as the game has been draw perfectly the changeable items are even more funĀ  to play with.


The background is the same 3 times over but in different colors which is ok but it would have been better to have some other scenes. Overall feeling of the game.. Its fun, colorful and drawn perfectly making this another 2 thumbs up game!

To play this game click here: Makeup and Makeover