Amy Is Off The The Amazon!

Heres another cool game review this time reviewing a game called Amys Amazon. The scene is set in the Amazon which means your going to have to style for the jungle.  Amy likes taking adventure holidays so her clothing is all about the heavy

Zoo Coloring Fun

Todays game is a coloring game that goes by the name Zoo Coloring Game, Your first start out by being asked to paint the zoo grounds, this means painting the floor the trees and the sky etc. Once your happy with the colors in

Best Girl Friends Dress Up

Welcome to today’s game review. This review is about a game called Best Friends Shopping. Now we all know that when best girly friends go shopping they have to look great before they go out, so the goal of the game is to make

Red Carpet Kissing

Ok so are you ready to do some smooching on the red carpet? The name of the game is Celebrity Long Kiss, The object of the game is to kiss your celebrity partner as much as possible without the media snapping a photo of

Rihanna The Celebrity

The super star from Hollywood, Rihanna the celebrity is starring in this dress up game, the name over the game is Rihanna Dress Up. It is your task to dress her up for her live performance on stage in front of thousands of people.

Cool Makeover Styling

The name of the game is Fashion Girl Make Up. Its your job to make sure this girl is dressed perfectly with some great makeover techniques. There are plenty of different items you can use to create your makeover and style. Make sure you

Mimi And Lulu’s Dress Up Game

This review is all about a cute little dress up game called Mini And Lulu, the idea of the game is that of a little girl and her dog.   You should dress her up to look as cute as possible and also make

Hawaiian Styles And Fashion

The name of this cool dress up game is Hawaiian Sisters Dress Up, this game is full of color and has some great cartoony artwork. The background music in the game is also very cool, I believe its traditional Hawaiian language which is a

Punk Styling

For all you Punk style peeps out there this game and review is for you! The name of this cool punk style dress up game is Cool Punk Girl Dress Up. The items in the game you can use have been made very well

Roller Skate Cutie Dress Up

Ok so the name of the game is this review is called Roller Cutie Dress Up, the idea of the game is to dress up this cool looking chick for her afternoon skate along the beach walk. She has to look cool or her