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Beach Babe Fashion…

The name of the game in today’s awesome review is Beach Babes. The idea of the game is simple, your about to go spend some time on holiday by the beach to soak up some sun, but to do this you gotta look like proper Beach Babes. Pick and choose the style of clothing you

Celebrity Makeover Time For Miss Lavigne

The name of the game is Avril Lavigne, this celebrity really needs your help to get ready before her huge stage performance in front of all her loyal fans. The game calls for a easy to create makeover, Avrils assistance will provide you with all the tools to make her look serious Punk Style to

Learn To Cook Some Yummy Foods.

Today’s review is all about the French style breakfast foods. The name of the game is called Breakfast Cooking. You will learn to cook French Omelet, French Toast, Pancakes and Waffles. Mmmm, yummy…. If you have no idea how to cook these already we suggest that you play this game for a little while to

Lollipop Creation

The name of the game today is called Lollipop Shop. The theme of the game is that of a candy shop. You have to create the lollipops that your customers as for, if you get the order wrong your customers will not be to pleased that you didn’t listen to them. As you progress through

Retro Styles & Fashion

Today’s review is all about a game called Retro Girl Dress Up, The style of the game is very soft on the eyes yet for some reason very clear as well. The right combination of colors and techniques have been applied in this dress up game which most defiantly pays off, which you will notice

Choose & Create Your Style

This review is about a cool dress up game called Choose Your Style. The idea of the game is very simple, choose your character and then choose your style…. Your style includes your hair styles and colors all they through to your bling. In this particular game we have the ability to manipulate the following

Cool Office Kissing Game

The name of the game today is called Office Kissing, the idea of the game is simple, Kiss your partner without anyone seeing you do so. If you get spotted by your boss on the other side you will lose a life. Keep kissing until your kissing meter has reached full.   You will know

Asian Style N Fashion Sense.

This cool dress up game in today’s review is called Fragrant Harbour Kong. There are clearly to different styles available in this game for use to manipulate. We can even combined the two different styles together to make an entirely new style. The cool items we can manipulate in this game are these: Backgrounds, Hair

Bunny And Her Egg

Easter is just around the corner so its only right that we have a game review about an Easter game. This Easter game is called Easter Bunny, the idea of the game is to dress up a bunny and style an egg for the Easter Sunday holiday. The items we can change in this cool

Can You Take Care Of All These Babies

The cool game in this review is called Brittany Birt Babysitting Room. All you have to do is take care of babies by giving them what they want. As you play the game little bubbles with the item the baby wants appears over their heads. Click on the items the babies want and drag and