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Ibiza The Holiday Dress Up

The theme of the game is a holiday at the renowned holiday destination, Ibiza. The name of this cool game is called Ibiza Holiday. There is a day scene at the beach and a night scene in one of the awesome discos, You will have to dress her for either of the scenes. The items

Design Your 3d Garden

The name of the game is under review is called 3D Garden Decoration, In this game it’s your job to create a beautiful garden to host a party in. The first thing you will notice is how this cool game looks so detailed and 3D. Te cool changeable in this game are: The garden stepping

Dress Up For School

The name of the game under review is School Is Cool. Now personally I never thought school was cool but hey that’s me, the game is set in a class room with 2 models, A young boy and girl at the front of the class. They both need to be dressed up for school before

Bright & Colorful Makeover

The name of the game under review today is Crazy Colors Makeover, this is one of the more colorful dress up I’ve seen in a while. The idea of the game is to do a cool makeover for the girl before she goes on her date! The changeable things in this game are: Hair styles

Cool Fashion Dress Up

This review is about another dress up game called Renee Travels The World. The whole scene of the game is about shopping around the world. This pretty girl needs to look good while shopping so in this game you will be dressing her to shop! The changeable items in this game are: Eye Color, Lipstick,

Jungle Letter Spotting

No it’s not a dress up game and no its not a makeover! So what is it I hear you asking? Well it’s a letter finding game called Rumble in the Jungle. The idea of the game is to find every letter from the alphabet in the jungle scene. Don’t think that clicking everywhere will

London Autumn Dress Up

This is a cool Autumn style dress up game, Its called Checkered Fashion. When you start the game you will notice that the game has great style and effects. You can even make it rain! From what I can see the game is based in London England. The cool changeable list consists of the following

Cool Cruise Dress Up

This game review is about another cool dress up game called Motorcycle Couple. The weather is nice and great for a cruise with your boyfriend on his motorcycle. So yeah… the theme of the game is to dress both models in the right clothing for their cruise. The cool thing about this game is you

Your Very Own Games Room!

If you’re interested in making a game room for your house or you just like Home Decor games this may be a fun game for you to play. The reason I choose this game to review today is because I have never seen a 3D Home Decor girl game. The cool and interesting things about

Kissing Games For Two People

Do you want a real challenging online game? If so, then you must try out kissing games for two people. These games are becoming very popular because they combine romance with strategy. You do not just have to kiss in these games, so it isn’t all about just putting your lips together. Romantic Kiss Game