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Mimi’s Adventures

Mimi’s AdventuresĀ is super cool, you are going to love this game! All you have to do is follow Mimi through her adventure, at each part in her adventure you will have to spot the differences in each picture. Once you spot all the differences you can move to the next part of the story! Do

Can You Spot The Differences?

The name of the game is Spot The Difference With Lea, Lee and Lilou. The idea of the game is simpleā€¦ All you have to do is spot all 7 differences between the top and bottom pictures. Sounds easy right? Well it is for the first couple of levels, as the levels progress the game

Spot The Creepy Difference

The name of the game is Neverland, the simple idea of the game is to find the difference between the two pictures. As you complete a level the page will turn to the next level. The levels have been created in a very cool way. The attention to detail that has been put into the

Spot The Mystical Difference

The name of this cool game under review is Mystic Story, The basis of the game is a spot the difference game. The entire theme of the game is very mystical and strange. A story is told through the pictures you inspect. Each time you spot all the differences between both pictures, a new one

A Tale About A Baby Dragon

This game featured in this review is called A Dragons Tale. Like the loading screen says this dragon was born in a barn! The whole story of how this dragon came into our world is told through a series of cool photos. There are duplicates of all the photos but just like any duplicate they

Classical Spot The Difference

Here is a cool game for me to review for you guys n gals today. The name of the game is Love Differences, the idea is not that of a dress up of makeover no no.. it’s a Spot The Difference game! These don’t come along too often, and this one is a cool but