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Help Her Find Her Stuff For Her Date

The name of the game in this cool review is called First Date Rush, The idea of the game is to find all the things she needs before her date decides to pick up and bog off. There are random things you need to find in this girls super dirty room. Each time you fail

Mickeys Alphabet Hunt

Mickey And His Friends Find The Alphabet is the name of the game under review today. So the idea of the game is to find all the letters that have been hidden in the forest! The are hidden in such a way that it will be a challenge to find them. There is no animation

Jungle Letter Spotting

No it’s not a dress up game and no its not a makeover! So what is it I hear you asking? Well it’s a letter finding game called Rumble in the Jungle. The idea of the game is to find every letter from the alphabet in the jungle scene. Don’t think that clicking everywhere will