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Your Best Friends Get Your Help!

This review is all about a cool little girl game called Your Best Friends Makeover, this game boast 2 models for you to dress up and make look beautiful. These girls are your best friends and have agreed to let you practice on the before you open a shop. Your two friends have these items

Miley’s Home Fashion

This review stars a game called Miley Cyrus Style, the game is built around the idea of Miss Miley Cyrus wanting a new outfit to go out to her club or to have a day out on the town. You can style and create two different outfits for two different locations and times. The items

Super Hero Dress Up

This cool review features a game called Super Glamorous Saves The Day, the whole style of the game is that of a super hero in a cool pose with the action bubbles around her like you would see in a cool comic book. You get to dress up your very own super hero! The items

Catwalk Fashion

The name of the game is this review is Lara At A Fashion Show, the idea of the game is simple! Lara is about to walk on the cat walk but isn’t dressed yet. There are three backgrounds to create cool styles for. Each background is of a different cat walk at a different show.

Kissing At The Shopping Center

This review is about a kissing game called Kissing At The Mall, the whole idea of the game is to kiss your boyfriend without anyone seeing you , if you can do this you will gain the chance to kiss him over and over again in different spots of the mall.The whole style of the

Rock Star Fashion

The name of the game is Rock Star Style, the aim of the game is to dress up and style this young up coming star so shes ready for onstage performance. There are 3 different models and 3 different background which gives you the ability to create 3 different outfits. Each outfit consists of the

Wild West Dress Up

This dress up game goes by the name Vaishali Apachean Girl, the object of the game is to dress up the cow girl. There are 3 different backgrounds so naturally there are 3 different styles to create, 1 style for each background. The items we can use to create your 3 different styles are: Lipstick,

Cooking A Russian Salad

The name of the game in today’s game review is called Cooking Show Russian Salad. The idea of the game is learning how to cook a great yummy Russian Salad. Every step of creating the tasty salad is explained and diagrammatically explained. Durring the cooking lesson you will learn how to do everything from heating

Cool Space Styling

This review is all about a game called Space Girl Dress Up. The game is about dressing up a cool babe in her cute and sexy uniform. The game boast some cool colors and fashion styles. There are plenty of different items so mixing and matching items is great fun. The items we have available

Kissing Your Partner!

The name of the game in this review is School Kissing Break, the idea of the game is to kiss your partner without getting caught by the teacher. To get the maximum score you should kiss your partner directly after the teacher starts reading his book, he will often look up to check and see