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Gothic Makeover Time

The name of the game is Emo Makeover, This punk girl loves heavy rock and Goth styling. This is your chance to put your gothic styling skills to use and create the coolest Goth makeover anyone has ever seen. There are loads of items you can use to create this amazing style. The items we

Simple Prom Styling

The name of the game in today’s review is called Prom Girl. The idea of the game is to dress up the girl so shes ready for one of the most important days in her life. You have lots of items to choose from to help her look super fashionable. The items you can change

Mmmmm…. Pizza!

This review is all about a game called Homemade Pizza Cooking, this is your chance to learn how to make one of the best pizzas ever! Cut and Grate your sausage and cheese ready to place on the pizza. The roll out your dough to make the base, once you have rolled it out and

Police Fashion Dress Up

The name of the game is called Police Academy Girl, this girl is all about the fashion. Style this girls outfit so shes looking awesome for her first day at th Academy. Since there are 2 very well created backgrounds you can created some very cool styles.   This girl looks extra cool when shes

Super Cleaning Time

Here’s a cool game for you to play. The name of the game is Magic Broom, The naughty cat makes such a huge mess all the time and it’s your job to clean up after it. Use grandmas magical broom to do some serious cleaning. The start of the game is really cool, there’s a

Vip Fashion Dress Up

The name of this game is VIP Party Girl Dress up, heres your chance to put your skills to use and sort out a stunning outfit for this beautiful VIP. The game is set on the balcony high up in a beautiful city. The scenery of the game is perfect for the style. The items

Super Star Vabessa Hudgens Styling

This game review is about a cool dress up game called Vanessa Hudgens Style. Since Vanessa Hudgens is a super star, your going to have to dress her up well enough to appear on camera or any other type of media. As a super star you can never escape the camera so its vital to

Barbecue Fashion Styling

The name of the game is Barbecue Party, the theme of the game is about your family and closest friends coming over to your house for a great meal cooked on the BBQ. The styles and colors and in the game are perfect for this style of dress up. There are 2 cool backgrounds which

Baby Dress Up Fun

Aaaahhh how cute… This review is all about the little girl in the nursery, the game is called Dou Dou Da Baby. Shes has some very cute styles for you to play with and if you don’t know which style to do there is always the random button that allows you to create a style

Nail Painting & Hand Styling

The name of the game is Pretty Nails, this is your opportunity to show off your skill in the artistic and creative ways of manicuring. Style and paint the finger nails best you can, You can then put rings on the fingers, use bangles and nail bling to enhance the makeover. You can then change