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Nail Painting & Hand Styling

The name of the game is Pretty Nails, this is your opportunity to show off your skill in the artistic and creative ways of manicuring. Style and paint the finger nails best you can, You can then put rings on the fingers, use bangles and nail bling to enhance the makeover. You can then change

Burger Cooking Skills

The name of the game is Burger Bonanza, your burger place sells the best burgers in town and is always busy. Your job is to earn as much money as possible each day to move to the next day. Each day needs requires more work which means more money. If your customers don’t get what

Mollys Makeover Time

Mollys Makeover is the name of the game, Molly really does need your help when it comes to fashionable styling. Do you think you can help her get ready for the special evening with her date? Who knows this could be the most special night ever if the guy turns out to be her soul

Kissing Till Your Heart Is Full

The name of the game is Let Us Kiss. The scene of the game is this, this boy and girl are so in love with each other they can’t help kissing with each other. All of the controls are based around the mouse for easy game play. Use the mouse to click on the boy

Alaskan Styles

The name of the game is Alaska Travel, this beautiful model has to travel to Alaska and needs your help to choose the right clothing for her photo shoots. There are 2 great scenes which you will have to style for. Make sure she looks great for both scene so her photos can get to

Desert Island Fashion

The name of the game is Desert Island Travel. The scene of the game is 2 cute girls on there vacation to a desert style island. There is a cute boy there so make sure these to cuties are dress up to impress the guy they both like. The items we can manipulate in this

Run Your Own Sunny Terrace

The name of the game in this review is Sunny Terrace, its your job to take care of all the customers that come to the restaurant. You will have to seat your customer then take their order, once you have the order you will have to go and order the food. Once your food is

Justin’s Dress Up

Justin Bieber Concert is the name of the game in this review. The theme of the game is Justin Bieber at his own live concert. The thing is he needs some help with his wardrobe. The game is very simple and quite colorful. The items we can manipulate in the game are: Tops, Bottoms, Jackets,

Futuristic Styling

Here’s a cool game for this review, the name of the game is called Futuristic Fashion. The style of the game is very modern and stylish. The theme of the game is meant to show off what the fashion and styling may be like in the future. Here’s your chance to try future fashion styles

Girls Games Online Overseas

The best way of spending your free time would be playing girl’s games online. As there are thousands of girl’s games online and as most of them are free, you would have all the options to choose the type of games that you would like.  Girls from all over the world is taking part in this changing environment.