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Friends Fashion And Styles

Here’s a cool game, its called Friends With Fashion. This girl is self conscious about her outfits because her friends have the coolest styles in the town. She has called you over to help her choose the right outfit for her day out with her best friends. The items we can change are: Hair Styles

Boat House Fashion Gal

The name of the game is Boat House Gal. This game is all about a girl taking a trip on a boat to her family island. Use your skills to style and create a cool outfit Anime style before you get to your families island. The colors and sounds in the game are great and

Can You Spot The Differences?

The name of the game is Spot The Difference With Lea, Lee and Lilou. The idea of the game is simple… All you have to do is spot all 7 differences between the top and bottom pictures. Sounds easy right? Well it is for the first couple of levels, as the levels progress the game

3d Kitchen Decor Fun

Time to put some decoration skills into your new kitchen. This game is called 3D Kitchen Decoration, this review will talk about the 3D Décor game. The idea of the game is to create the perfect kitchen for your family to use in their new house. The things we can change in the kitchen are:

Girl N Monkey Styling

This review is all about a cute little game called Girl With Her Monkey. This game has to be one of the simplest dress up games I have ever played.. I really have to stress how simple this game is. The idea of the game is to dress up the girl so she looks great

Galactic Style Dress Up

The name of the game in review today is Galactic Princess, this dress up game is slightly different from the normal kinda dress up games we usually get. The reason why its slightly different is the because of the clothing. The clothing is very futuristic style and is set in space with a funky robot.

Spot The Creepy Difference

The name of the game is Neverland, the simple idea of the game is to find the difference between the two pictures. As you complete a level the page will turn to the next level. The levels have been created in a very cool way. The attention to detail that has been put into the

Punk Rock Dress Up

The name of the game in review today is called School Band Star. The aim of the game is simple. Dress up the punk rock chick so shes ready for her onstage performance. The cool animations and colors in this game makes it interesting to play. The items we can manipulate in this cool dress

Make A Tasty Parfait

In this cool game review we will be talking about a cooking game called Making Berry Parfaits. The idea of the game is to cut up the fruit and blend it to a smoothie, then layer it in a glass to make cool parfaits. They make for a great desert or a tasty treat during

Marilyn Monroe Styles

The super celebrity Marilyn Monroe is here and needs your help getting ready for her show. Use your skills to dress up this super hot celebrity. You will need to do the best dress up ever because this celebrity is a very big celebrity about Hollywood. The items in the game we can manipulate are: